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Are you planning your very first trip to a Vermont cannabis dispensary? If you are like most people, shopping for cannabis legally at a dispensary will be a new experience. We’ve compiled a collection of frequently asked questions at Sunday Drive dispensary to give you insight into what new shoppers tend to ask the most. Check out this collection of Vermont dispensary FAQs.


As of October 2022, cannabis became legally available for sale for both medical and recreational purposes in the state of Vermont. This means that adults who are 21 and older can now legally purchase and possess cannabis in the state. The cannabis laws in the state are overseen by the Cannabis Control Board (CCB).

What do I need to buy weed in Vermont?

You may be wondering, what do I need to bring with me to buy weed in Vermont? To purchase weed in VT, you will only need to provide a valid government-issued photo ID that verifies your birthday and the fact that you are 21 years of age or older. You may also need to bring cash to pay for your purchase, depending on where you shop. Some stores have on-site ATMs and some do not, but credit or debit cards may not always be accepted for purchases.

Can I use an expired ID in Vermont to buy weed?

Vermont cannabis law states that you must have a current, non-expired government-issued ID to purchase cannabis. Your ID is scanned when you make a purchase. Therefore, if the ID is out of date, the dispensary will not be able to accept it, so you can make a purchase.

How much weed can I buy in Vermont?

VT cannabis laws do outline how much customers are allowed to purchase from a dispensary. The law states that a retailer can only sell you up to one ounce of cured flower or an equal amount of cannabis product in grams or a maximum of 8400 mg of THC in other product forms. You can divvy up how much you purchase as long as you stay within the purchase limits. For example, you can purchase four grams of flower, a 100mg edible, and a 100 mg vape cart in a single transaction.

Will an out of state license work in Vermont?

You can purchase cannabis at a VT recreational dispensary with an out-of-state ID as long as you are 21 years of age or older and your license is up-to-date. By contrast, you cannot purchase from a medical cannabis dispensary if you are an out-of-state patient using your state’s medical cannabis card.

Can I bring weed across state lines?

You should never carry cannabis or cannabis products across state lines because doing so is still federally illegal. For example, if you visit our dispensary near Lebanon, NH to purchase cannabis, you should make plans to stay in VT until your cannabis is consumed.

How many VT dispensaries can I visit in a day?

You are free to visit as many dispensaries as you like in VT as long as you stay within the allowed purchase limits. For example, you can freely come to Sunday Driver for your favorite flower or pre-rolls and then visit another location for concentrates, but you cannot exceed purchase limits with your visit to both places.

Do VT dispensaries track you?

Vermont’s dispensaries don’t necessarily track you, but they do keep tabs on your purchases. When you make a purchase at a dispensary, the amount you bought is captured and this information will be available to the cashier if you do go to another dispensary. Purchases are recorded when the cashier scans your license.

Can you just walk into a VT dispensary?

Vermont cannabis law requires dispensaries to have certain safeguards in place to keep unauthorized people from having access to cannabis. One of those safeguards is your ID must be checked before you enter the establishment. Therefore, shoppers cannot simply enter freely when they visit any dispensary without first being checked at the door.

How do you shop for cannabis at a dispensary?

When you enter a dispensary, the cannabis and cannabis products are not freely out for everyone to handle. Instead, a budtender will be with you to show you the products you are interested in. The cannabis flower and other products are most often held in protective cases to prevent theft and keep customers from handling the merchandise excessively.


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