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At Sunday Drive, we may be known for our quality cannabis selection and customer commitment. However, under the surface, we’re working toward even bigger industry goals to make sure all people know women can play vital roles as cultivators, dispensary owners, and more. We are one of the few dispensaries owned by women in Vermont, and, every day, we work to break glass ceilings and obliterate barriers for other underrepresented groups in the business.

Are you surprised to learn we are a female-owned dispensary in VT? Take a look at who we are, why shopping at woman-owned dispensaries matters, and more below.

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Sunday Drive: A Proud Female-Owned VT Dispensary

Sunday Drive was founded by women and is primarily staffed by women. We are recognized as one of the best dispensaries in VT due to our vast collection of products, inviting personality, and dedication to customers. Many of these attributes stem from having a unique perspective when it comes to what people want and need when shopping for cannabis.

Why We’re Proud to Be a Woman-Owned Dispensary

Women in the cannabis industry have faced persistent challenges from the beginning of legalization, oftentimes contending with gender disparities and systemic barriers. From limited access to funding and being passed over for executive roles to combating stigmas, the industry’s patriarchal roots pose hurdles. Advocacy for equality and empowerment remains crucial for fostering an inclusive and diverse cannabis landscape, and we’re proud to help carve the way.

Why Support Your Local Woman-Owned Dispensary?

Choosing to support women-owned dispensaries is a meaningful way to contribute to diversity and inclusivity in the cannabis industry. These establishments not only offer a diverse and unique perspective but also prioritize customer satisfaction and community engagement. By patronizing woman-owned dispensaries, you actively promote gender equality and empower female entrepreneurs in a traditionally male-dominated space. A few other reasons to support these establishments include:

  • Inclusive Atmosphere: These dispensaries are committed to creating inclusive and welcoming spaces where customers of all backgrounds feel comfortable and valued.
  • Community Involvement: Woman-owned dispensaries frequently engage with local communities, supporting initiatives and events that contribute to the well-being of their surroundings.
  • Entrepreneurial Empowerment: By choosing these establishments, you directly contribute to breaking gender barriers and fostering entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry.
  • Unique Perspectives: Woman-owned dispensaries bring diverse perspectives to the cannabis market, leading to innovative approaches and a richer, more varied cannabis experience.

Other Vermont Dispensaries Owned by Women

If you’re not near enough to Sunday Drive in Woodstock but still prefer to shop at a female-owned dispensary, you can find them sprinkled throughout the state. Take a look at a few other awesome places to shop for fine cannabis in VT, all of which are owned by women.

Juniper Lane in Bennington

Discover a cannabis haven at Juniper Lane, a woman-owned dispensary in Bennington known for making every visitor feel as if they belong. With a commitment to quality, the dispensary offers a thoughtfully curated selection of top-notch cannabis products from all over the state. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a novice exploring the world of cannabis, Juniper Lane promises a welcoming experience.

Juniper Lane Cannabis Dispensary

Grass Queen in Burlington

As one of Burlington’s premier dispensaries, Grass Queen proudly stands as a woman-owned cannabis shop in the Green Mountain State. Embrace the vibrant cannabis culture at this dispensary with its diverse selection of high-quality strains and infused products. With a focus on excellence, Grass Queen ensures a top-tier experience for every cannabis enthusiast.

The Tea House in White River Junction

Experience a unique blend of wellness and cannabis at The Tea House in White River Junction. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, they provide a curated range of cannabis products. Explore the intersection of relaxation and elevated well-being in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Find Your Way to a Unique Woman Owned Cannabis Dispensary in VT

From supporting other women in the cannabis space to building the best collection of cannabis flower and products, Sunday Drive is always enhancing its mission. If you want to see our carefully curated collection of products, stop by for a visit or check out our menu. Hope to see you soon at Sunday Drive. Everyone’s empowered when it comes to cannabis here.

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