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Sunday Drive x Clover Apothecary Arnica Cream

Arnica Cream is a popular topical lotion infused in small batches with full spectrum CBD oil and made with the Arnica flower, which is a traditional anti-inflammatory that has been used for many years to heal bruises, stiffness, joint issues and muscle soreness. Our new Arnica Cream is infused with both THC and CBD!

Sunday Drive Clover Apothecary Arnica Cream

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Who makes Arnica Cream?

Arnica Cream is made by ourselves and Clover Apothecary, an in-house producer of cannabis products and sister company for Sunday Drive and the Clover Gift Shop in Woodstock, Vermont. Clover Apothecary produces all natural CBD topicals, oils, edibles and pet products. The manufacturer is a woman-owned company, created in collaboration with Vermont Herbalists and Hemp Farmers

How potent is Arnica Cream?

Arnica Cream is infused with Full Spectrum CBD oil sourced directly from Vermont Farms. In a 3 ounce jar of Arnica Cream, there are about 300 mg of THC and 600 mg of CBD.

What is Arnica Cream used for?

Arnica Cream is a topical cannabis balm, used mostly to ease muscle and joint pain in specific areas. While not intended to have psychoactive effects, this balm’s potency and efficacy can vary based on the amount that is applied. It should be applied incrementally to determine the amount that works best for each user.

Arnica Cream Reviews

Reviews for the CBD-infused Arnica Cream are very favorable, with some users praising it for its fast-acting relief after application and others expressing disappointment if they are unable to find the cream in local stores. Some of the uses described by those leaving reviews include application on the back, on knees, shoulders, hands and various joints.

Where to Buy Clover Apothecary Arnica Cream in VT

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Where Can I Buy Arnica Cream in Vermont?

Sunday Drive in Woodstock, Vermont sells Arnica Cream, made by the dispensary’s sister company, Clover Apothecary. Sunday Drive is a recreational cannabis dispensary that serves the region, including New Hampshire and Vermont.

Buy Arnica Cream at Sunday Drive Dispensary

Our female-owned and operated dispensary offers recreational customers a large selection of cannabis products from the top growers and brands in the nation. Our retail dispensary employs an all-female staff to provide the best service to our customers. We also are passionate about promoting the best cannabis options for customers and educating our community about our products. Stop by our cannabis dispensary to discuss how Arnica Cream can help address your discomfort and pain.

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