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Pinnacle Valley Farms

Pinnacle Valley Farms is a Vermont-based indoor cultivation facility with 6,500 square feet that grows and produces cannabis products organically, specifically cannabis flower and pre-rolls. The facility consists of six individual grow rooms that allows harvests to be staggered perpetually, with the ability to rotate varieties of strains and quality cannabis into the Vermont market.

Pinnacle Valley Farms

Pinnacle Valley Farms

Product Line

The Pinnacle Valley Farms product line includes:

  • Lost City Kush – PrePack: dry flower, indica, 19.54% THC, 1/8 ounce
  • Milk & Cookies: dry flower, indica, 26.6% THC, 1/8 ounce
  • Pink Gasoline – PrePack: dry flower, hybrid, 21.16% THC, 1/8 ounce
  • Starless Night – PrePack: dry flower, indica, 17.78% THC, 1/8 ounce
  • Tacky Glue – PrePack: dry flower, hybrid, 18.28% THC, 1/8 ounce
  • Drums of War: dry flower, hybrid, 17.9% THC, 1/8 ounce
  • Shire 2.0 Pre-Roll: individual joints, hybrid, THC 19.29%

Pinnacle Valley Farms FAQs

Who owns Pinnacle Valley Farms?

Pinnacle Valley Farms is owned and operated by Jeremiah and Mariah Sperry, a husband and wife who teamed up to start the cannabis business.

What is different about Pinnacle Valley Farms products?

Pinnacle Valley Farms produces cannabis products, including flower, that are consistent and clean, relying on regenerative and organic farming methods. The cannabis company also strives to maintain and improve the integrity of the biologically diverse living soil where they grow.

Pinnacle Valley Farms Reviews

Reviewers have praised Pinnacle Valley Farms cannabis products as a uniquely amazing flower that stands out with its individual batches. Pinnacle is regarded as one of Vermont’s premier cannabis producers, with its organic farming approach considered one of the main differentiators in a state that features numerous high quality cannabis producers. Some reviewers specifically cited Pinnacle Valley Farms’ The Shire and Milk and Cookies as strains that stand out for their quality.

Where to Buy Pinnacle Valley Farms in Vermont

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Pinnacle Valley Farms products are sold in Vermont dispensaries, including Sunday Drive in Woodstock.

Buy Pinnacle Valley Farms Products at Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive offers products from Pinnacle and other cannabis companies that elevate the health benefit of cannabis with natural choices for customers. Sunday Drive, a female owned and operated dispensary, strives to offer cannabis products that serve as a healthy option for its customers. We also are passionate about empowering women in the cannabis space, employing only women who are eager to educate.

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