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Haute & Heady

Haute & Heady is a Vermont-based cannabis company that specializes in producing edibles and cannabis infused food products. The company focuses on ethically and sustainably based edible products, a culmination of the founders’ lifetime obsession with both food and cannabis. Haute & Heady is also committed to cannabis advocacy, seeking legislative reforms that address growing concerns about efforts to place caps on THC potency of products and edible dosage limits. That commitment is necessary, the company argues, to encourage innovations in the cannabis market and to expand the variety and quality of cannabis products.

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Haute & Heady

Product Line

Haute & Heady’s product line includes classic cannabis edibles and other cannabis-infused products:

  • N.Y.T.E.: Also known as Not Your Typical Edibles, this line of exciting and innovative edible concepts come with a nostalgic twist.
    • Dipperz: Mini graham shortbread cookies with frosting dipping cup available in four flavors
    • Toasiez: Bite sized grilled cheese sandwich crackers
    • Chillerz: Bite sized astronaut ice cream sandwiches
    • Potsicle: Individual popsicle with organic sugar and fruit.
  • Heady at Home: A home essentials line featuring cannabis-infused pantry items, condiments and other unique goods, including BBQ sauce, honey, olive oil, maple syrup, nut butters and baked goods.
  • Haute Chocolate: An ethically and sustainably focused cannabis-infused chocolate line, including milk, dark and white chocolate.

What is different about Haute & Heady products?

Haute & Heady’s focus on cannabis food products is a unique approach in the cannabis market, going beyond the more traditional production of cannabis edibles to feature a full product line of various food products infused with cannabis. The company’s innovations represent new and exciting ways to marry both food and cannabis, leading to unexpected results. Haute & Heady’s mission is to produce high end, locally sourced products with a commitment to innovation in the cannabis market.

Haute & Heady Reviews

Haute & Heady receives big shout outs for its flavorful and tasty line of cannabis-infused food products. Its BBQ sauce is praised for its sweet and tangy flavor, along with its Vermont-style maple syrup with its rich taste. The company’s chocolate product line is referred to as just plain decadent, with equal emphasis on the tasty treat and the cannabis potency. These Haute and Heady edibles aren’t just novelty items with THC. They receive positive reviews for just being delicious.

Where to Buy Haute & Heady Cannabis Products in Vermont

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Haute and Heady’s cannabis products are sold throughout the state of Vermont at select dispensaries, including Sunday Drive’s dispensary in Woodstock, VT.

Buy Haute & Heady Cannabis Products at Sunday Drive Dispensary

Haute and Heady represents the selection of premium Vermont-based cannabis companies whose products are sold at Sunday Drive. The dispensary stocks an impressive collection of these Vermont-based cannabis producers. Sunday Drive is an all female-owned and operated dispensary focusing on high quality cannabis and expert customer service, with a focus on uplifting women in the cannabis industry and serving its customers.

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