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Green River Cannabis Company

Green River Cannabis Company is a Vermont-based cannabis producer that focuses on growing quality flower and making premium edibles. The Hyde Park-based company is committed to producing the strongest, cleanest, healthiest and most flavorful cannabis products available in Vermont. It sells its flower and edible products in Vermont dispensaries.

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Green River Cannabis Company

Product Line

Green River Cannabis Company’s product line includes flower and edibles:

  • Cannabis Oil Infused Hard Candies: Edibles available in a variety of traditional candy flavors, 20-pack, 5 mg each
  • Cannabis Oil Infused Chocolate Toffee Crunch Bar: Chocolate bar made with semi-sweet chocolate, peanuts and other natural ingredients, 10 pieces, 5 mg each.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bar: Chocolate bar made with semi-sweet chocolate, strawberry flavoring and other natural ingredients, 10 pieces, 5 mg each.
  • Cannabis Pre-rolls: Pre-rolled joints available in various strains and in five-packs, 2.5 g each
  • Cannabis flower: Buds available in a variety of strains and in loose form, 3.5 grams
  • Cannabis Oil Infused Fruit Squares: Edible gummies made in a variety of fruit flavors, available in 20-count packages, 5 mg each.

Green River Cannabis Company FAQs

What is different about Green River Cannabis Company products?

Green River Cannabis Company produces cannabis products that are cultivated and hand-grown at its Vermont operation. Green River Cannabis sells its products exclusively through partners established around the state of Vermont. Green River Cannabis is grown indoors, allowing for ultimate control of the quality outcomes of each plant, and the resulting premium Green River Cannabis Company flower. The company’s mission is to grow the finest Vermont cannabis made available to dispensaries all over the state. Its cannabis is tested for purity and potency by an independent lab before it is sold. This is to ensure all cannabis is held to high standards and to give consumers the knowledge they need to make informed buying decisions.

Green River Cannabis Company Reviews

Green River Cannabis Company is best known for its hand-crafted cannabis products, with praise from reviewers for its flavorful edibles and potent flower. The company’s special edibles, including hard candies and chocolate bars, received positive remarks for their flavor and natural ingredients that favor high-end sweets more than cannabis products. The company’s use of lab results on its website was also noted as a positive sign of transparency and potency of products.

Where to Buy Green River Cannabis Company in Vermont

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Green River Cannabis Company prerolls, flower and edibles are sold exclusively in Vermont dispensaries, including Sunday Drive’s recreational cannabis dispensary in Woodstock, VT.

Buy Green River Cannabis Company Products at Sunday Drive Dispensary

Green River Cannabis Company is one of the quality products sold at Sunday Drive, a Woodstock dispensary that offers an extensive selection of Vermont-based cannabis producers. The female-owned and operated dispensary offers customers the highest quality cannabis and also focuses on expert customer service. Sunday Drive focuses on uplifting women in the cannabis industry and serving its customers throughout the region.

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