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Forbin's Finest

Forbin’s Finest is a Vermont cannabis company that cultivates hand-trimmed, high-terpene cannabis, sold as flower and pre-rolled joints. The company focuses on the best plants that produce highly aromatic, terpene-rich flowers using genetics shared by close friends and developed in the company’s own in-house breeding program. Forbin’s Finest relies on sustainable inputs and renewable energy, along with pristine genetics, meticulous farming techniques, and gentle handling of its cannabis.

Forbin's Finest

Forbin's Finest

Product Line

Forbin’s Finest’s product line focuses on high quality flower:

  • Tropicana Slurpee: A sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a euphoric, pleasant feeling
  • Pineapple Cream: A sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an energetic, focused, cheerful feeling.
  • Pineapple Slurpee: A sativa-dominant hybrid that leads to energetic effects.
  • Tropicana Banana: A sativa strain with energetic, focused and creative effects.
  • Black Cherry Garlic: An indica strain that is relaxing and calming.
  • Cake Crasher: An indica strain that produces calming, happy, relaxed feelings.
  • Eastside OG: An indica strain best for relaxing and sleeping.
  • Rainbow Sherbert: An indica-dominant hybrid that helps calm and relax.
  • Strawberry Slurpee: A hybrid strain for calm and relaxed feelings.
  • Super Boof: A hybrid that produces calm, happy and relaxed feelings.

Forbin’s Finest FAQs

Who owns Forbin’s Finest?

The cannabis company based in Barre, Vermont is locally owned and operated by Nick Mattei and his wife, Angela Payette.

What makes Forbin’s Finest different?

Forbin’s Finest is known for its connoisseur grade cannabis and cannabis products, grown in Vermont by a highly skilled team committed to the most aromatic and highest quality cannabis possible. With more than 20 years in the cannabis and hemp cultivation industry, Forbin’s Finest focuses on a select menu of cultivars to produce its flower.

Forbin’s Finest Reviews

Reviews for Forbin’s Finest praise the company’s attention to quality in its flower, from the terpene profiles to the pleasant aromas to the smooth taste. Considered one of the finest cannabis products in Vermont by reviewers, many comments focus on the company’s attention to detail when growing and cultivating its weed.

Where to Buy Forbin's Finest in Vermont

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Sunday Drive in Woodstock, Vermont sells Forbin’s Finest in its recreational cannabis dispensary serving New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Forbin’s Finest represents many of the high quality products sold at Sunday Drive, a female-owned and operated dispensary offering recreational customers an impressive selection of cannabis products grown in Vermont.

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