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Birdman is one of the most recognized names when it comes to premium cannabis flower in the state of Vermont. Find out more about the Birdman cannabis brand and what they have to offer below.

Who Is Birdman?

Birdman is a well-established cannabis cultivator based in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Known as more of a craft grower that produces small batches of premium flower, Birdman provides easy-to-appreciate cannabis strains that are often highly sought after for effects, flavor, and quality.


Product Line

Birdman produces one of the most impressive strain collections in the state with a mix of Sativas, Incas, and hybrid strains. The brand focuses on strains with strong, respectable lineages, impressive terpene potency, and desirable effects. While availability can change with every new harvest, a few strains you will find on the menu include:

  • Ice Cream Cake – A sweet and creamy Indica strain with a modest THC level and soothing effects
  • San Fernando Valley OG – Sativa-dominant hybrid with a high-THC level, earthy flavor and cerebrally uplifting effects
  • Liberty Haze – A balanced hybrid strain with a diesel, funky fruit flavor and moderate THC levels
  • Queen of Soul – An uplifting Sativa with a moderate THC level and spicy, Grimm flavor
  • Grand Gelato – An Indica dominant strain with respectable potency and a rich, fruity flavor

Birdman Cannabis FAQs

How potent is Birdman flower?

Birdman cannabis flower is available in a range of THC potencies from more modest percentages like 18 percent to more potent levels like 25 percent or more. In Vermont, flower must be tested to contain less than 30% THC, and all Birdman flower tests within this required range.

Is Birdman cannabis organic?

While Birdman’s cannabis is not explicitly grown organically, it is grown using back-to-the-earth and natural practices. Birdman operates a small farm in Braintree, VT, so the cultivation process is carefully overseen in a craft-grow process that pays close attention to the needs of each plant. Birdman also freely published lab results on each strain its website.

Where to Buy Birdman in Vermont

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Birdman cannabis flower is available in select dispensaries in the state of VT. Look for Birdman cannabis strains and products where recreational cannabis is sold.

Find Birdman Cannabis in Woodstock, VT at Sunday Drive

At Sunday Drive, we hand-select the best cannabis cultivators in the state, so we have one of the finest collections of cannabis on our menu. Birdman is a trusted brand with some of the best flower, so we are proud to have many of the exclusive strains on our menu. In a rush? Be sure to check out our menu online where you can order in advance for speedy pickup when you arrive.

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