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Backcountry Botanicals

Backcountry Botanicals is a Vermont-based cannabis cultivator that specializes in growing and cultivating cannabis flower in small batches for dispensaries throughout the state. The small company, founded in 2021 as a boutique cultivator, focuses on ethically and sustainably based cultivation practices.

Backcountry Botanicals

Product Line

Backcountry Botanicals product line includes a number of strains of cannabis flower, such as:

  • Cherry Souffle: Sativa dominant hybrid, with notes of blueberry, cherry, tropical flower and gassy fragrance. Perfect strain for a relaxed, uplifting afternoon. Terpenes: Limonene, Humulene, CaryophylleneTHC 22.8% CBD 0.07%
  • Dante’s Inferno: Indica dominant hybrid, a cannabis strain that combines Oreoz and Devil Driver. It can smell sweet and creamy and is known for its beautiful, blingy look, with lots of cookies genetics for a relaxing effect. THC 22.4%
  • Pablo’s Revenge: Indica dominant hybrid, made from a genetic cross between Animal Mints and Sherb Cake, and is a potent and exotic strain that has a sweet, peppery, and gassy flavor and aroma. THC 28.49%
  • Permanent Marker: Indica dominant hybrid, a mix of minty, peppery notes, complimented by cookies and gas. Intense flavor that combines sweet and four fruity candy with a punch of citrus-like diesel on the exhale. THC 25.58% CBD 0.06%
  • Super Boof: Hybrid, made by crossing Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. It has the same chunky, deep green buds as its parents that look wet with silver calyx, with effects reported as intensely relaxing and giggly. THC 23.9%

Backcountry Botanicals FAQs

What is different about Backcountry Botanicals products?

Backcountry Botanicals focuses exclusively on premium cannabis flower growing and cultivation. The small cultivator, considered a boutique or craft cannabis product, sells flower to Vermont dispensaries. The company offers its flower in packages of 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams and 28 grams (or one ounce.) The relatively new cannabis cultivator focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivating practices, with its packaging logo declaring its products are “soil grown.”

Backcountry Botanicals Reviews

Backcountry Botanicals premium flower receives strong praise as one of the state’s best home-grown flower, mostly with reviewers noting the product’s potency and consistency. One reviewer noted Backcountry Botanicals’ flower is like finding a friend’s special stash that they personally grow, with its own unique and surprising effects and flavors. The company is routinely recognized by reviewers as one of the best cannabis cultivators in the state.

Where to Buy Backcountry Botanicals Cannabis Products in Vermont

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Backcountry Botanicals cannabis products are sold throughout the state of Vermont at select dispensaries, including Sunday Drive’s dispensary in Woodstock, VT.

Buy Backcountry Botanicals Cannabis Products at Sunday Drive Dispensary

Backcountry Botanicals is one of those Vermont cannabis cultivators proudly sold among other premium Vermont-based products at Sunday Drive. The dispensary stocks an impressive collection of these Vermont-based cannabis producers. Sunday Drive is an all-female owned and operated cannabis dispensary that focuses on high quality cannabis and expert customer service, with a focus on uplifting women in the cannabis industry and serving its customers.

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